The parish close interpretation centre

The parish close interpretation centre

Situated in the village of Guimiliau, in the heart of the Pays de Landivisiau, the Centre of Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage « The Parish Closes » opened its doors on April 26th, 2018. With an exhibition space of 150m² entirely devoted to the parish closes, the CIAP offers a powerful experience of Brittany’s Golden Age in the 16th and 17th centuries to all visitors, whether devotees or novices, locals or tourists.

Through a modern and aesthetically pleasing design and various inter-active areas, the visitor can travel back in time to (re)discover the parish closes, true architectural and historical gems. Wooden models, facsimiles, games and films allow everyone, big and small, to gain a better understanding of this unique heritage of international significance.

Developed and run by the Communauté de Commune du Pays de Landivisiau and attached to the inter-communal Tourist Office, the CIAP is the portal of an effective heritage and tourism policy. An integral part of the Pays d’art et d’histoire, its mission is to reinforce the cultural dynamic of the area drawing on the ensemble of local stakeholders in the valorisation of heritage and encouraging their combined efforts.

The facility

Next to the very well-known parish close of Guimiliau, the group of buildings occupy a surface of 445m². The facility is divided into two parts (the CIAP and a tourist office) connected by a common entrance with shared staging.

The permanent exhibition covers 150m². The layout and design, devised and produced by the Atiz agency, are attractive, inter-active and educational, presenting a fresh modern perspective on the parish closes. This includes varied devices, mainly audiovisual, and emphasises interactivity so that the visitor may be fully involved in his or her visit. The exhibition is designed for independent individual exploration.

The content, devised by the Pays d’art et d’histoire de Morlaix, is based on the latest academic research. Notably it presents the context in which the parishes closes originated (economy, religion, society), and their architecture, but equally the evolution of the appreciation of these monuments, their role in tourism and the preservation of heritage from the time of the first 19th century travellers right up to contemporary actions by local associations.

A multi-functional space of 40m² completes the layout. It is intended to welcome the public under all the headings of the CIAP’s offering and to be used for cultural co-ordination: introductions to visits, educational workshops, talks, temporary exhibitions, meetings of stakeholders, etc.

The tourist office covers 150m². It comprises a reception area which can hold up to 60 people, a children’s corner and a place for digital consultation. It is equipped with a rest area for coach drivers. This space accurately reflects the strategy of development of the tourist office.

The objectives of the facility cover four areas:

  • To reinforce the heritage and tourism dynamic of the area
  • To be a complementary aid to existing promotional work
  • To encourage visitors to make a trip to the parish closes of the area
  • To become an essential cultural facility for the appreciation of the parish closes

For tourists, the mission of the CIAP is to provide a window into Breton heritage and an invitation to discover the area in more detail. For residents, it offers a reception area, a place for appreciation and (re)discovery of their heritage. It is a cultural facility for the locality.

For a young audience it is a means of discovering heritage and its associated issues.


A year and a half was necessary to renovate the site which consisted originally of a house, an outhouse, a hanger and a garden, giving a total surface area of 3,843m².

Following the advice of the architect of the official body Bâtiments de France, the work consisted of:

  • renovation of the existing house (which today houses the CIAP),
  • demolition of the out-building and hangar and additions to the main house,
  • the construction of a reception area for the public connected to the house (multi-function room, tourist office).

Area of buildings before work: 509m²
Area of buildings after work: 445m²

This configuration integrates a sizeable “garden” space offering many possibilities for outdoor events.

The project has benefited from the support of the department of Finistère, the region of Brittany and the State via the Fonds National d’Aménagement et de Développement du Territoire.

Contact us

+33 02 98 68 33 33 53, rue du Calvaire, 29400 Guimiliau

Opening hours

July 1st - september 16th:

Monday to Saturday:
09.00 – 12.30 and 13.30 – 18.00

Sundays and public holidays:
09.30 – 12.30

From september 17 th:

Monday to Friday:
09.00 – 12.30 and 13.30 – 17.30



Free entry

Persons with reduced mobility

The Parish Close Interpretation Centre is accessible for those with reduced mobility. Note also that the parish close of Guimiliau is partially accessible to persons with reduced mobility.